TRAPPED BY LAW Documentary | Kosovo Premiere | ABC Cinema

You are cordially invited to Kosovo premiere of TRAPPED BY LAW documentary in ABC Cinema (Luan Haradinaj), in Pristina on 15th December 2015 at 11a.m.

TRAPPED BY LAW directed by Sami Mustafa tells the story of two Roma brothers Kefaet and Selami Prizreni who grew up in Germany and were deported all of a sudden and over night to Kosovo where they´ve never been before. The film follows them over a period of five years and shows their struggle to return to their friends and family in Germany.

Having its world premiere at International Film Festival Jihlava in Czech Republic in which was nominated for the Best Central and Eastern European Documentary as well as in competition for the First Lights (first feature-length documentary director) and being the opening film of Kasseler Dokfest in Germany the film is nominated for and for Golden Key at Dokfest Kassel.

For more information about film please check on our Website  or our Official Facebook group.

The entry is free of charge and open to everyone.
Trapped by Law Team

Sami Mustafa – Director, Producer, Writer
Charlotte Bohl Mustafa – Producer
Erik Winker – Co-producer
Casey Cooper Johnson – Co Producer
Antoneta Kastrati – Co Producer

The film is supported by:
Kosovo Cinematography Center | Film- und Medien Stiftung NRW | Kosovo Foundation for Open Society | Roma Education Fund


A triumphant opening night at Dokfest Kassel, Germany with Trapped by Law

After a triumphant opening night on Tuesday, we are looking back on the first days of the festival. The films TRAPPED BY LAW by Sami Mustafa, UNFORGIVEN by Lukas Augustin and LIKE THE OTHERS by Constantin Wulff were sold out. Around 400 visitors attended the opening of the exhibition Monitoring, which is happening at the Kassel Kunstverein, the Südflügel and the Stellwerk at the KulturBahnhof and at the Galerie Coucou until Sunday.

For Immediate Release – TRAPPED BY LAW documentary film (26/11/15)

World Premiere Jihlava Film Festival 2015, October 28th
at 22:00 in Dukla Edison Cinema

Film website:

The World Premiere will take place in the International Jihlava Film Festival 2015 in Czech Republic competing for First Lights and Between the Seas competitions, on October 28th at 22:00 in Dukla Edison Cinema. Trapped by Law a feature length documentary film directed by Sami Mustafa and produced by Romawood, Kosovo. Sami is a Kosovo film director and producer living today in France. The film is co-produced with HUPE Film in Germany (Erik Winker, Martin Roelly and Andreas Brauer) and Crossing Bridges Production in Kosovo/USA (Antoneta Kastrati and Casey Cooper Johnson).

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The brothers living in Croatia

My visit to Croatia. Summer 2012. (video)

In search for home, the brothers Prizreni have moved in Croatia to live in the house their parents bought.

In 2012, after a film workshop I held with young Roma in Krsko, Slovenia only two hours drive to Gornja Gracanica a village which the brothers Prizreni are now living. They told me that they are renewsing their new house and that they want to stay. In my head, I though “why not, its must be beatiful place to be” after all it is still Croatia.

Once I arrived by train, the brothers were waiting for me in. I had my luggage and my camara with me. It train station was the only contruction in and it was hard to believe that the train actually stop in such a desert. I though that it cannot be very far the village they live. We started walking by the railways and find out that its at least 1h30 if we walk very fast.

By the time we arrived in the village, there was almost no one on the street, a boy on the skooter was driving fast and pass over us. This part of east Croatia is not as I though it might be.The village inhabited about 100 families, most of them war veterans from Yugoslavian war in 90s. After all, maybe is not the best place to be. I decided not film the brothers as I wanted to help them to build the house and be part of their new chapter in the life rather than observer. I am not such a house master but I did help.I stayed with them for full week, and the house was looking little bit better. I though to myself that Kefaet and Selamet would not be able to live in a such a hole for more than the summer. The needed to renew the papaers of the house and have the house on their own name and not on their parents name but the old women who sold the whouse was in the hospiral for more than 3 months and she could not sigh the paper for them. Six months after, they are being deported from Croatia. And than they went to Subotica, north of Serbia.The video reportage was made by Romadness NGO in Germany.

“Meet your neihgbor” song on amazon

Dosta! Campaigh organized by GAIA supported by Council of Europe, a powerfull song to go over the prejudice between the fallow Roma.

Check the Video Clip and links to buy the song.

The Flash Mob / Video Clip in Making

The Flash Mob / Video Clip in Making Photo by Agron

“Dosta”, a Romani word meaning “enough”, is awareness raising campaign which aims at bringing non-Roma closer to Roma citizens. “Dosta” means that we want to stop prejudices and stereotypes not by denouncing them but by breaking them, showing who the Roma really are.

The Dosta! Campaign started as part of a wider Council of Europe/European Commission Joint Programme “Equal Rights and Treatment for Roma in South Easter Europe” and has been implemented in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the Republic of Serbia, and “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, during 2006 and 2007. Launched as a regional campaign, “Dosta!” raised the interest of other Council of Europe Member States. Consequently, in 2008-2009, it is launched in Ukraine and Moldova, as well as opened to partnerships in other Council of Europe member States. Thus, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia have joined the campaign in 2008, followed by Latvia in January 2009 and Bulgaria and France in April 2010.

Finally, in October 2011, Dosta! Campaign is launched in Kosovo, with the support of NGO GAIA – local peace organization working in a field of peace promotion, understanding and solidarity between people, social justice, sustainable development and respect of environment.

The full song, availeble on Gipsy Groove website.
You can also by the song availeble on Amazon here. Or the whole CD of Gipsy Groove here.

Check out the video clip directeb by Jovana Škrijel and shoot by Faton Mustafa.

Deported to Kosovo within 48 hours

Kefaet and Selami: Deported to Kosovo during 48 hours

article by

Kefaet and Selami Prizreni are brothers. Kefaet was born in 1984 into a Roma family in Prizren, Kosovo. Four years later his family left the country for security reasons and found refuge from the threat of conflict in Essen, Germany. Selami was born there several months later. Both brothers actively devoted themselves to music from an early age and made their first studio recordings as adolescents.

In 2010 things looked good for the brothers. They were waiting to sign a contract with a well-known record company and to go on a hip-hop tour. Then in March of last year they were both deported to Kosovo from one day to the next. They are living there today against their will.

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